Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – Justin Walley

Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – How Justin Lost 37 Lbs. (and saved himself from back surgery) at Scenic City Boot Camp Justin Walley is our Scenic City Boot Camp success story this month after losing 37 lbs (and counting). Check out the video he shot giving his Chattanooga Boot Camp review on Scenic City BootContinue reading “Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – Justin Walley”

Chattanooga Boot Camp Success Story – Jarrett and Misty Myers

NEW VIDEO JUST DROPPED! Check out Jarrett and Misty’s testimonial video here: https://fb.watch/678YDI-UoV/ Jarrett and Misty Myers share their story about how they joined Scenic City and the results they have experienced since coming together. In Misty’s words, “When I first came here, I could barely walk. So I would say nobody should let anyContinue reading “Chattanooga Boot Camp Success Story – Jarrett and Misty Myers”

Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – Brittani Stephenson

Check out what SCBC member Brittani J Stephenson had to say: “I started my weight loss journey last May. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I went for my first class and I left thinking, I feel really good. So I signed up for the 6 week challenge. Originally, I wasContinue reading “Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – Brittani Stephenson”

Best Workout to Lose Weight – Phil loses 50 lbs.

Phil Glass lost 58 lbs at Scenic City Boot Camp, Voted Top 3 in Weight Loss Centers in Chattanooga Best of the Best! Check out what SCBC VIP Member Phil Glass said just weeks before hitting the 50lb mark: “Thanks to the SCBC team: I am down another 8 lbs in body fat (total 48.5).Continue reading “Best Workout to Lose Weight – Phil loses 50 lbs.”

Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – Robin Large

Robin was the self-professed “Hamburger Helper” mom. If it was quick and easy, this mom of 2 was a fan. But small decisions about what to have for dinner led to big health (and weight) problems down the road. That’s when Robin decided she had had ENOUGH. She tried out Scenic City Boot Camp withContinue reading “Chattanooga Boot Camp Review – Robin Large”


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